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Occasionally we will go over the license user count and have take steps to bring it within compliance. We would like to only see the license violation message in the Admin interface and not in the Help Desk or Self-Service interface. How would we accomplish this?

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Hello Juan,

To hide the notification, you need to modify source files of Help Desk and Self-Service Web Interfaces as follows:

  1. On the computer where the Web Interface is installed, open the folder that contains the Adaxes Web Interface that you want to configure, which is C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\<Web_Interface>\ Common\MasterPages by default.
  2. Open the Skeleton.master file with a text editor (e.g. notepad.exe).
  3. Locate the following lines in the file:
     <i class="text-italic"><adaxes:ServiceNoticeViewer ID="NoticeViewer" CssClass="serviceNotices" AlertIconUrl="~/Images/InfoMessageIcons/warning.big.png"
                      CriticalIssueIconUrl="~/Images/InfoMessageIcons/error.big.png" CloseIconUrl="~/Images/notice.close.png"
                      AlertCssClass="alertNotice" CriticalIssueCssClass="criticalNotice" runat="server" /></i>
  4.  Add <strong class="text-bold">Visible="False"</strong> to the last line. The line should look as follows:
                      <i class="text-italic">AlertCssClass="alertNotice" CriticalIssueCssClass="criticalNotice" Visible="False" runat="server" /></i>
  5. Save the file.

Pay attention that the Skeleton.master file is not backed up by Adaxes Web Interface backup / restore tool, so if you want to save the setting, you'll need to perform the above steps each time you re-install or upgrade Adaxes.

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