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Is there a easy to copy changes between interfaces? looking to have a test web interface then promote or copy the changes to the Active interface technicians are using.

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To copy changes between Web Interfaces, you can create a new Web Interface based on the settings of the existing one, add and test necessary changes and then replace the Web.config file for the production Web interface with the test one. To do so:

  1. Launch Adaxes Web Interface Customization tool.
  2. Expand the Interface type drop-down menu and click New.
  3. Enter the new Web interface name and select the existing interface to copy settings from.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Perform necessary changes in the new Web interface and test them.
  6. IMPORTANT: Close Adaxes Web Interface Customization tool.
  7. Copy the Web.config file of the test Web Interface. By default the file is located in folder C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\<interface_name>\, where <interface_name> is the name of the Web interface.
  8. Navigate to the folder where the Web.config file for the target Web Interface is located.
  9. Replace the existing file with the one you copied on step 7.

Just what i was hoping for thanks!

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