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Running 2018.1
Our helpdesk staff have the Admin Console installed on their workstations with limited permissions granted to their accounts. They are in charge of new user additions (for now, we are working to automate this with Adaxes but aren't there yet).

I have a Business Rule in place that automatically creates Exchange mailboxes for most accounts, but purposefully does not mail-enable certain other accounts.

However, if the Helpdesk staff use the built-in New -> User action, the 3rd page of the dialog has a checkbox at the top for "Show Create Mailbox dialog after creation". I want to hide that option, or at least make the Create User forms default that checkbox to "off."

Is there any way to customize this dialog? I thought maybe I could create a new Custom Command instead, but there does not seem to be a way to simply create a new user via Custom Command either.

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Hello Brad,

Is there any way to customize this dialog?

No, there is no such possibility. However, you can customize it for Adaxes Web Interface. For details, see https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_WebInt ... diting.htm.

I want to hide that option, or at least make the Create User forms default that checkbox to "off."

There is no possibility to set a default value for the option or remove it from the wizard in Adaxes Administration Console.

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