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I'm having trouble getting mail flow to work from Adaxes through Office 365 to external addresses (internal email works fine). I'd like to try signing the outgoing email with a cert to try and get O365 to trust the email for relay externally. I've verified a connector in Exchange Online that should be trusting mail from my public IP, but I'm still getting the Relay Access Denied error. Is there a way to access additional SMTP settings like TLS, Certificates, DKIM, etc... for the built-in mail feature in Adaxes?


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Hello Ryan,

Unfortunately, there are no additional SMTP settings except those available in Mail Settings because Adaxes does not send emails itself. It just connects to a mail server and passes the messages to the server for delivery.
For troubleshooting purposes, please, provide the following details:
Does the error appear only in Adaxes and does not appear when emails are sent to external addresses via other mail clients?
Was the error appearing from the very beginning or occurred recently?


Thanks for the reply! I'm fairly certain it's not an Adaxes problem, and more of an O365 security problem with our tenant. I was just looking to see if there were advanced settings somewhere to try tweaking. I'll keep playing around with it, maybe try setting up an internal SMTP relay rather than direct to O365. Thanks again!

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