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In a previous installation of Adaxes, we were able to reset users passwords, and send it automatically by SMS to the user. When we try to do the same in Adaxes 2018.1, the user just get a message like "Your new password is . Your username is johndoe" How can we ensure that the %unicodepwd% variable (or a similar variable) contains the actual password created for the user?

We use a custom command to reset the password and create a variable to be able to send SMS. The command looks like this:

Reset password for the User
Modify the User: set CustomAttributeText1 to 'SMS'
Modify the User: set Password Never Expires to 'false', set Must Change Password at Logon to 'True', set User Cannot Change Password to 'No'
Send SMS (Your new password is %unicodePwd%. Your username is %username%)

What is wrong, and how do we fix it?

PS: This is just a problem when we reset a users password. A similar SMS works just fine when we create the user.

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The %unicodePwd% value reference can be used only in Business Rules triggering Before/After Creating a User and Before/After Self-resetting/Resetting/Changing/ password of a user. In other cases, the value reference will resolve into an empty value which is exactly the case you have. This behavior was the same in Adaxes 2017.2 and earlier and, did not change in Adaxes 2018.1.

For the SMS message to include the password, you need to remove the Send SMS action from your Custom Command and use it in a Business Rule triggering After Resetting password of a user. To make sure that SMS messages are sent only when the Custom Command is executed, you can add a condition that will check the CustomAttributeText1 attribute value. Finally, the Business Rule will look like the following:

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