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Fairly open question, so looking for general thoughts rather than specific answers.

We use both Adaxes and ServiceNow are are postulating the options for making them work alongside each other. Not sure if anyone else out there has any sort of integration going on?

Initial thought is that we could use the Adaxes CmdLets within SNOW orchestration workflows so that, when SNOW tries to perform a AD task we can run it through additional Adaxes validation steps\checks (if necessary) by calling Adaxes CmdLets rather that the usual\native alternatives.

Not sure if this would make things over-complicated (possibly), or allow us to stop the SNOW 'beast' being a bottleneck in deploying new validations\checks\additional tasking ('pilot\prototype' using Adaxes, then built into SNOW at a later date etc).

Any thoughts\ideas\experience gratefully received!

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As per our check, ServiceNow has an API. It means that you can use PowerShell scripts in Adaxes to send requests to the application. The following article should be helpful: https://developer.servicenow.com/app.do ... bleAPI-GET.

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