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Our organisation is planning to use Adexes for user creation and modification including helpdesk password resets.

However, we also have an AAD with federated authentication back to AD and are planning to use Azure SSPR for end-user password resets rather than Adexes.

This will result in Azure synching back the new password to AD.

I guess this will not be visible to Adexes and am wondering if this could cause any issues?

Many thanks,

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Hello Bernie,

You are right, such resets will not be visible in Adaxes logs. However, there should be no issues with users signing in specifying their new passwords synchronized by AAD.

At the same time, you can use Adaxes to reset user passwords and automatically synchronize new passwords to Office 365 without using AAD. You just need to enable the Synchronize passwords option in the settings of your Office 365 tenant registered in Adaxes. For details, have a look at step 6 of the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_Active ... #collapse1.

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