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Hey Guys

We have some issues with new meeting rooms that we have created. Previously we used to have on-premise exchange but switched to office365. Before doing the switch we had created meeting rooms in ad. When we switched to office365 we needed more meeting rooms. The way we did this was by creating a user, setting up the powershell script convert user mailbox to shared or resource. The powershell script runs successfully but nothing changes. When I compare our old rooms with the new ones they look different in adaxes aswell. here are the problems i have with the new ones. When i try to change settings in exchange properties and press ok, nothing indicates any error but nothing changes. Not one single change i made changed. Can someone here please assist or share on thoughts on this. Both the older rooms and the new ones are located in the correct OU but the interface are different. under exchange properties they are different aswell.

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The thing is that those are different Exchange objects. The mailbox that was migrated from Exchange on-premise to Online and then converted is now a remote shared or resource mailbox, while the new ones are created and converted in Exchange Online and are not remote mailboxes. As a result, the mailboxes will look differently in Adaxes. The first ones will be displayed with the icon of a room mailbox and the other as regular users, but will have Exchange properties. Web Interface forms for the object types are configured separately and thus when viewing the objects you can see different properties.

As for updating Exchange properties, they must be processed on-premise as you have a hybrid environment. As a result, after clicking OK, you should see a notification like this one: The following properties will be modified in Office 365 after synchronization takes place: Alias. It means that the update needs to be synchronized and after that you will see it in Adaxes. If the message is not displayed, please, make sure that you have Execution log enabled in the settings of the Web Interface:

  1. Open Adaxes Web Interface Configurator.
  2. In the top left corner, select the Web Interface you need.
  3. In the left pane, click Management and scroll down to the Execution log section.
  4. Select Show execution log Always .
  5. Save the changes.
  6. IMPORTANT: before checking the changes in the Web Interface, refresh the page using Ctrl+F5.

Dear Support2

Thanks for the reply and the clarification.

We already have execution log set to always and the Expand execution log by default is also set to always.
But when we do changes on the new meeting rooms and press ok nothing happens, no confirmation pops up nor any errrors? This is the part that I dont understand. We created the rooms when we were on adaxes version 18.1 and just recently upgraded to version 19.1. This shoulnt have any effect but im still mentioning it here.



Thank you for the provided details. For troubleshooting purposes, please, do the following:

  1. Enable tracing of requests sent to Exchange servers: https://www.adaxes.com/help/?HowDoI.Per ... uests.html.
  2. Update an Exchange property (e.g. Alias) for one of the mailboxes in question.
  3. Send us (support[at]adaxes.com) the trace file.
  4. Launch Adaxes Administration Console.
  5. In the Console Tree, expand your service node.
  6. Select Logging.
  7. In the Result Pane on the right, right-click the log record for the update made on step 2.
  8. In the context menu, click Properties.
  9. Take a screenshot of the dialog box that opens.
  10. Post the screenshot here or send it to us.

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