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Is it possible to change the values of a custom attribute (adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue4) when selecting a value from another custom attribute (adm-CustomAttributeText1).

For example
In adm-CustomAttributeText1, I can select the following values: LCA, LCB, LCG, LCH, BSLA, BSLG, BSLH and Arkades. Now when I select LCA, I want that the following values will be shown in adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue4: 1MWa, 2MWa, 3MWa, etc...
And when I select LCB, I want that the following values will be shown in adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue4: 1Latijn, 2Latijn, 3Latijn, etc...

Is this possible?

Hilmi Emre Bayat

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Unfortunately, there is currently no such possibility. However, we have the feature in our roadmap: https://www.adaxes.com/info_roadmap.htm.

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