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I am using a Send An Email on create mailbox function. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. The issue seems to be that Adaxes fires the rule too quickly before the Exchange mailbox has been fully created.

How do I put a pause into a rule? Like 30 seconds?

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Are you using Exchnage 2003?

We suggest that you send your email in a PowerShell script. This script allows you to 'pause' the operation:

  1. Add the Run a program or PowerShell script action to your Business Rule.

  2. In the Add Action dialog, enable the Execute asynchronously option.

  3. Type the following PowerShell script:

     Start-Sleep -s 30 # waiting 30 seconds
     $toAddress = "%mail%"
     $subject = "Welcome, %username%" # TODO: modify me
     $bodyText = "Dear %name%, ..." # TODO: modify me
     $bodyHtml = "Dear <b>%name%</b>, ..." # TODO: modify me
     $Context.SendMail($toAddress, $subject, $bodyText, $bodyHtml)

We use Exchange 2010


Did the script correct the issue?

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