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Our users are setup with Dfs links for their network home directories.
In other words, our helpdesk technicians have to access the Dfs console, setup the new Dfs links (with permissions) and then modify the new user AD account.

How can this be achieved using Adaxes?


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Yes, it is possible to automate it with Adaxes.

  1. Create a Business Rule that will be triggered after creation of new users in AD.
  2. Add Create the home directory action to the Business Rule.
  3. Specify a template for home folder paths. For example: \\SERVER\Users\%department%\%username%
  4. Specify permissions that should be assigned to users on their home folders.

I was recently trying to get this working for our organization. When I attempt to have Adaxes create the home drive on the DFS share directly, I get a permissions error. Are there any details as to what permissions the Adaxes service account needs to run this command?



Each DFS namespace is linked to a folder share or shares on a certain server or servers. To be able to create home folders in a DFS namespace, Adaxes default service Administrator (the user that you specified during Adaxes installation) must have sufficient permissions to create subfolders in the folder share(s) for the DFS namespace. To grant such permissions:

  1. On your DFS server, start the DFS Management Console from Start \ Control Panel \ Administrative Tools \ DFS Management.
  2. Expand Namespaces.
  3. Select the namespace where home folders will be created.
  4. In the middle view pane, activate the Namespace Servers tab.
  5. Select a namespace server.
  6. In the right view pane, click Properties in the group that represents the folder share on the server.
  7. Click Share permissions.
  8. Grant Adaxes default service administrator Full control permissions for the share.
  9. If necessary, repeat steps 5-8 for other namespace servers.

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