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I've setup a security role with permissions to reset password and Write Account Properties and per the advise from http://adaxes.com/tutorials_DelegatingP ... swords.htm.

However, when I click on the Unlock Account link after logging in to AdaxesHelpdesk, the search function does not find any users. If i go into Reset Password, Disable account and any of the other functions, i can search for all users normally.

Is there something I'm missing out?


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Hello Colin,

The Unlock Account Home Page Action shows only the user accounts that are locked out. If you cannot find certain users in the Unlock Account Home Page Action, this means that the users that you search for are not locked out.


Opening an old ticket...!

I am trying to assign someone the rights to unlock a user account, and have followed the instructions referened above (grant 'Reset Password' and 'Write Account Options'). However, while they can currently see the locked accounts, if they try to unlock they get a 'Access Is Denied' message.

If I grant them 'Full Access' to user objects they can unlock the account, so I know there must be a user object related permission missing somewhere, but havent' been able to find it thru trial and error yet..!

Any pointers?




There's a small issue with the tutorial mentioned above, we'll fix it in the nearest future. For users to be able to unlock accounts, you also need to grant them the permission to write the Lockout-Time property. For this purpose, you can modify your Security Role that grants the right to reset passwords. On how to add permissions to a Security Role, see the following help article: Modifying Security Role Permissions.

On the 5th step, you need to select the User object type in the list of object types and check the Allow Write 'Lockout-Time' property permission in the Allow column of the Property-specific permissions list.

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