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How can we make sure that only the allowed users can login to the web UI?
We are planning to have two instances of Adaxes web UI. The first one should allow our internal users and helpdesk only. The other one should be accessible for people from other offices (for self-service).

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In the Web.config file that is located in the C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 2\Web Interface folder, specify the users you need in the <authorization> element:

      <allow users="username1@domain.com,username2@domain.com" />
      <deny users="*" />

At the moment it is possible to allow or deny specific users (not groups) to connect to Adaxes Web Interface. In the next version (2011.1) it will be also possible to specify groups.



We've released Adaxes 2011.1. This version enables you to allow or deny specific users or groups to access the Web Interface. For more details, see Allow/Deny Access to the Web Interface.

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