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I need to install the admin console on several computers when I upgrade to 2013.1.

Can I just install the 2013.1 admin console over the 2012.1 console or does it need to be uninstalled first like the host server?

I also need to install it on multiple computers and would prefer not to have to do it manually on each pc. Since this is a MSI installer, there usually are command line options that could be set for the components. Does Adaxes have these? I didn't see this listed anywhere but it's possible I missed them.

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You need to first uninstall Adaxes 2012.1 Administration Console, and only after that install the 2013.1 Administration Console.

Command line for silent installation of Adaxes Administration Console:

msiexec /quiet /i "<adaxes_msi_full_path>" ADDLOCAL=AdminConsoleFeature

where <adaxes_msi_full_path> is the full path to Adaxes installation package, for example, C:\adaxes_x64_en.msi.


So a quick batch file I wrote to do the push - everything else outside of the Adaxes MSI lines I've used before with no issues.

Does it look correct?

@echo off
rem Copy MSIs to C:\temp on each Citrix XenApp 6 server
for /F %%G in (c:\citrixappservers.txt) do copy "adaxes_x64_2012.msi" "\\%%G\c$\temp\"
for /F %%G in (c:\citrixappservers.txt) do copy "adaxes_x64_en.msi" "\\%%G\c$\temp\"

rem Uninstall 2012.1 - no notification 
psexec -accepteula @c:\citrixappservers.txt msiexec.exe /x "c:\temp\adaxes_x64_2012.msi" /qn /norestart

rem Install 2013.1 console only - no notification
psexec -accepteula @c:\citrixappservers.txt msiexec.exe /i "c:\temp\adaxes_x64_en.msi" ADDLOCAL=AdminConsoleFeature /qn /norestart

rem Remove installers from server to save space
for /F %%G in (c:\citrixappservers.txt) do del "\\%%G\c$\temp\adaxes_x64_2012.msi"
for /F %%G in (c:\citrixappservers.txt) do del "\\%%G\c$\temp\adaxes_x64_en.msi"

Yes, looks OK.

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