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We are very favorably impressed with the software and are beginning to explore pricing.

One concern we have is about licensing for the correct number of accounts. WIth MS products, we generally true-up annually.

I understand that we can exclude accounts, and that only active accounts are included in the count. My question is there any grace or allowance allowance for going overthreshold temporarily without disabling additional accounts? In particular, we may be doing some conversions where a user may temporarily has two active accounts (in different domains). Or, if we needed a temporary license boost could we obtain it?

I understand this may be sensitive information, so feel free to repsond to me directly on this.

Thank you,


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If you exceed the number of enabled and non-expired users that you have a license for, Adaxes service will allow a month to remedy the situation, during which the service will be fully operational only showing a warning both in Adaxes Administration Console and in the Web Interface. If you don't decrease the number of users or apply a license with a bigger user count during that month, the service will stop performing any operations until you resolve the issue.

If you need a to manage more user accounts that you have a license for during more than a month, you will need to upgrade your license.

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