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I have a need to remove certain users from "Domain Users" and set their primary group to a custom one.

I can't seem to find anyway in Adaxes to set a primary group. Trying to remove the user from Domain Users results in an error stating can't remove the user from their primary group.

Running on 2011.1 trial version at the moment.

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At the moment Adaxes doesn't allow you to change the primary group membership of AD objects using the Member or Member Of dialogs. This feature is in our TODO list.
For now I suggest you create a Custom Command for this purpose.

This Custom Command should perform the following actions:

  • Add the user to the new primary group (using the standard Add to Group action)
  • Set the Primary Group ID property of the user to the value of the primaryGroupToken property of the primary group
  • Remove the user from the old primary group (using the standard Remove from Group action)


Thank you. That works.

There wouldn't happen to be a way to have the custom command automatically kick off upon user creation?



If you want to automatically change the primary group of newly created users, you need to create a Business Rule that will be triggered after creation of new users and perform the same actions that your Custom Command does.
On how to create a Business Rule that is triggered after user creation, see Automatically Add Users to Groups by Department.


I made a Business rule for it. Works perfectly!

Thank you

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