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is it possible to show the DisplayName instead of the Name in the personal header?

In our new AD structure cn should match everything else, like Alias, email prefix etc. only the DisplayName will show the real name of the person.
As we are going to use Adaxes as address book it would confuse the user when they see a CN like in the screenshot.

Regards and thanks in advance
Ingemar Jacob

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Try the following:

  1. Make sure the Web Interface Configuration tool is closed.

  2. Open the folder where your Web Interface is installed. By default, Adaxes Web Interfaces are installed to the following folders:

    • Administrators: C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\Admin\
    • Help Desk: C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\HelpDesk\
    • Self-Service: C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Web Interface\SelfService\
  3. Find the Web.config file and open it in a text editor.

  4. Find the following lines in the file:

       <web.ui ...>
  5. Change <web.ui ... > to <web.ui ... displayNameProperties="displayName">

  6. Save the file and restart IIS.


Thanks, works like charm

Can this be done in version 2021.1?

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