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We have a pretty cool PowerShell script written that imports users in AD from a CSV file, creates the user's home directory, creates a status of the import, archives the status as well as the CSV file used to import the user, and e-mails specified users when an import has been done. As it stands now, the script is being run with Windows Scheduled task once an hour on a virtual workstation. We want this task transferred over and managed from Adaxes.

The problem I'm having is that I can't just copy the script to the Scheduled Tasks in Adaxes and let it run every hour. When I check activity history after selecting run now, the task looks to never start. In creating the task, there's a few parts that I believe it's erring out at.

The first is Step 3: Choose the type of AD object on which the task will be performed. Not sure if there's a right one here, but it seems like none of the ones that I chose work.

The second is Step 5: Select the objects on which the task will be performed. I usually just select Finish and not select an object. Not sure if that's why it never starts (or finishes).

I've looked in the logging several hours after starting the task, but nothing shows up in the logs, so this one's a little tough for me to troubleshoot. I've spent nearly a day on this trying to get it working and nothing I do works. Any suggestions would more than welcome at this point.

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A Scheduled Task in Adaxes runs on a certain Activity Scope. This means that the Task will be executed only for the objects of the type that you specify for the Task and only within the Scope that you define. Since at the last step of creating a Scheduled Task you select nothing, the Task just has an empty scope, that is, it has no objects to run on.

As for how to accomplish your task, take a look at the following tutorial. We think it has all you need: http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveD ... romCSV.htm. Should you need further assistance, do not hesitate to ask.

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