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I've just upgraded our installation of Adaxes to 2014.1, and I'm looking forward to utilising the new features, particularly the O365 Cloud management features.

However, before i start using these, I'd like to enquire about the impact to our existing set up.

We moved to O365 (Edu Plan A2) back in February, so our install / tenancy is still quite fresh. We are currently using DirSync (with PasswordSync) to with O365. we are using PS to manage licensing and other such trivialities like UPN renames.

What impact would using 2014.1 have to this established set up? If I bind our tenancy to Adaxes, will it start managing object and password syncs instead of dirsync? I assume, for many tasks, (such as license provisioning) i can move forward with Adaxes.

Any insight offered, before I flick the switch (will wait for some feedback), would be greatly welcome.

Many thanks,


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Adaxes works perfectly in pair with DirSync. Adaxes doesn't synchronize data between your on-premise AD and Office 365. This job should be done by DirSync.
Adaxes can be used to automatically assign and revoke licenses for Office 365 services, immediately activate Office 365 accounts for new users created in your on-premices AD, immediately synchronize passwords, revoke licenses and block access to the Office 365 tenant during user deprovisioning, etc.



Thanks for the prompt update Eugene :)

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