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We have 3 Adaxes services (in 2014.1) and we would like specify 3 different "Web Interface Address". One by Adaxes Service.
When I change this parameter for one service, it's modified for each. Is it then desired beahavior ?

Thanks in advance



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Hello Sebastien,

Yes, this is by design. If the services share common configuration, the Web Interface address is also replicated among them.


I tried to clear web interface service address and to add a link to the correct web page by editing "Submitted" notification.

It seems that it's synced too.

Have you any idea ? The fact is that could be very slow depending on where are located approvers.




For example, you can achieve this by configuring your DNS. As fas as we understand, your users are scattered across multiple sites, and the slow connections between them make the Web interface slow if users get connected to a Web interface located not in their own site. In such a case, you can configure the DNS servers in the different sites so that the Web Interface address would be resolved into different IPs depending on which site a user comes from. Thus, in each site, the Web interface address needs to be resolved into the IP of the 'local' Web interface.

That's, probably, the only option we can come up with.

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