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our users have to login to the Adaxes web service by using their username and password, no SSO is used.
I have configured the option in the web interface "domainless username".
It is working fine, till after some weeks/months the user cannot login anymore.
They get the error message" The account name is invalid. It is expected to be formatted either as 'DOMAIN\user' or 'user@domain'"
Login with the domain is still possible, without not.
I could fix it by deleting/re-adding the group of users to the web interface/access control, but after some weeks/months this happens again.

Thank you

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Hello Thorsten,

It looks like the computer where the Web Interface is installed cannot use its own account to login to the your DC and authenticate users. To remedy the issue:

  1. On the computer, where Adaxes Web Interface is installed, launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager from Control Panel \ Administrative Tools.
  2. In the Connections Tree, expand the server that hosts the Web Interface type, and then expand Sites.
  3. Expand the web site for Adaxes Web Interface.
  4. Select the virtual directory for the Web Interface type that you are experiencing issues with.
  5. In the right view pane click Basic Settings.
  6. Note the application pool that is used for the Web Interface type. It is displayed in the Application pool field.
  7. Click Cancel.
  8. In the Connections Tree, select Application Pools.
  9. Select the application pool that is used for the Web Interface type.
  10. Click Advanced Settings in the right view pane.
  11. In the dialog box that appears, select the Identity field.
  12. Press the embedded Edit button.
  13. Select the NetworkService built-in account.
  14. Click OK two times and restart IIS.

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