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We have two groups I'm trying to manage, Allow Internet Access and Deny Internet Access. I am trying to set up a group so that if one of our admins adds a user to the Deny group, the users is automatically removed from the Allow group.

To do this I have created a rule:
After Updating a User:
if the user is located under "users" container AND
The user is a member of the "deny internet access" group AND
the users is a member of the "allow internet access" group then
Remove the user from the "allow internet access" group.

My problem is that when I add a user to the deny group, this rule is not triggered. If I update other properties of a user, it works fine.

Does adding / removing groups not count as updating a user? And if so, what should I use?


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Does adding / removing groups not count as updating a user?

No, it doesn't. When you add a user to a group, you modify the group, not the user. When a user is added to a group, the user's Distinguished Name (DN) is added to the Member property of the group, and Member Of is just a backlink.

For your task, you can use a Business Rule triggered after adding a member to the Allow Internet Access group that will automatically remove the new member from the Allow Internet Access group. To create such a Business Rule:

  1. Create a new Business Rule.

  2. On the 2nd step of the Create Business Rule wizard, select Group and After Adding a member to a Group.

  3. On the 3rd step, add the Run a program or PowerShell script action and paste the following script in the Script field.

     $allowInetAccessGroupDn = "CN=Allow Internet Access,OU=Misc,DC=example,DC=com" # TODO: Modify me
     $allowInetAccessGroup = $Context.BindToObjectByDN($allowInetAccessGroupDn)
  4. The script will remove the new member from the group, the Distinguished Name (DN) of which is specified by $allowInetAccessGroupDn. Modify it to match your requirements.

  5. Enter a short description for the script and click OK.

  6. On the last step, add your Deny Internet Access group to the Activity Scope of the Business Rule. In the Assignment Options dialog, select the This Group object option.

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