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Can someone give me a PS script to enable-remotemailbox on on-prem exchange server using adaxes?

I have the following command working - but i'm thinking the -allowclobber may not be ideal...but without it it won't work.

$session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName microsoft.exchange -ConnectionUri http://exchangeserver/PowerShell/
Import-PSSession $session -DisableNameChecking -AllowClobber

enable-remotemailbox "%username%" -remoteroutingaddress "%username%@tennantname.onmicrosoft.com" 

Remove-PSSession $session
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The AllowClobber parameter will replace the names of verbs in the cmdlets only in the current session that you create in your PowerShell script. However, if you feel inconvenient with this parameter, you can use the Prefix parameter to prefix all imported verbs with a certain prefix. In this case, when ncalling cmdlet in the remote session, you need to prefix the verbs as well. For example:

*$session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName microsoft.exchange -ConnectionUri http://exchangeserver/PowerShell/
Import-PSSession $session -DisableNameChecking -Prefix MySession

Enable-MySessionRemoteMailbox "%username%" -remoteroutingaddress "%username%@tennantname.onmicrosoft.com"

Remove-PSSession $session*


Thanks for the great response! If you say I'm safe with the -allowclobber I'll stick with that. I didn't know if it would cause issues with other 365 commands that don't Remove-PSSession.

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