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I am working on a custom deprovision task and have the need to delete a directory on a file server (not a profile directory) and cannot find a function in Adaxes to do so. Would you have a powershell script, or something, that would work for me? Basically I need to delete something like the following path:


Thanks in advance.

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Yes, a PowerShell script will perfectly fit for this purpose. Here's a sample script that deletes a folder specified by $folderPath.

# Get Remote Desktop Services profile path  
$folderPath = "\\servername\datafiles\hou\%username%\MyDocuments\"

# Check whether the folder exists
if(!(Test-Path -Path $folderPath))
    $Context.LogMessage("Folder '$folderPath' does not exist.", "Warning") # TODO: modify me

Remove-Item -Path $folderPath -Force -Recurse

To add the script to a Custom Command, Business Rule or Scheduled Task, use the Run a program or PowerShell script action.


Thanks but a quick question. in the last line:

Remove-Item -Path $rdsProfilePath -Force -Recurse

should this actually be:

Remove-Item -Path $FolderPath-Force -Recurse



Yes, you are right. Sorry for this. We updated the original posting.

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