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Since upgrading to 2019.2 I am no longer able to run scheduled reports, either automatically or manually.

When looking at the log I see it fails at the "generate report finish" operation with the error "Access is denied":

Adaxes - Access is denied.PNG

The error isn't very helpful and I have no idea what access it is attempting. I can run the report directly with no problem.

Can anyone help?


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Most probably this issue occurs because the recipients of the reports don’t have sufficient permissions to view them. For details on how to grant the permissions to view reports, please, see https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_DelegatingPermissions_GrantRightsToViewReports.htm.

By default, the built-in Report Viewer Security Role grants permissions to view the reports of the For Everyone category to all users. You might also have a custom Security Role which allows certain users to view reports from specific categories. To check which roles are assigned to the intended recipients, please see https://www.adaxes.com/help/HowDoI.ManageSecurityRoles.ViewSecurityRolesUserGroupPerforms.html.

Please ensure that intended recipients are assigned a Security Role which allows them to view reports which you would like to schedule. Also, please, ensure that no other Security Role assigned to the recipients denies viewing reports. Deny permissions always override Allow permissions.

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