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hi -

may be trivial, but I'm not sure why when we browse and select OU for the computers, the option disable/enable is only applicable to user accounts. we get the message "none of the selected object is a user object". Is this by design that it doesn't differentiate between computer and user account?

Once we click the computer itself, the options functions as expected.

At times the helpdesk does things in bulk, so if they wanted to select a few computers and disable, they aren't able to do so.
Or perhaps it can be configured on the main action pane window?


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We confirm this as our bug. It will be fixed in one of the nearest releases. Thank you for the bugreport!

To work around the issue until a fix is available, you can

  • Create home page actions for enabling or disabling computer and user accounts that will be available right on Adaxes home page.

    For information on how to create such actions, see section Enable/Disable/Unlock Account in the following Configure Home Page Actions Tutorial. On Step 3 of the section, you need to enable the Allow multiple selection option to allow selecting multiple accounts.

  • Create a Custom Command that enables/disables user accounts.

    Alternatively, you can create a Custom Commands that enables or disable user accounts. For information on how to create Custom Commands, see the following tutorial: http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveD ... ommand.htm. To enable or disable computers, you need to use the Enable/disable the Computer account action.

    In the Web interface, you can execute a Custom Command on multiple AD objects, the same as you perform any other operations in bulk.



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