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I have tried to rename a Boolean attribute as below:

<friendlyName>Is A Contractor</friendlyName>

<friendlyName>Shared Area Name</friendlyName>

The one for customattributetext1 works fine but the Boolean one still shows as the ldap name after iis restart etc.

Would appreciate any help.

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Update 2018

Starting with Adaxes 2018.1, property display names are customized using the Administration console. For details, have a look at the following help article: https://www.adaxes.com/help/CustomizePropertyDisplayNames.



When we copied and pasted your text to a text editor, we noticed that there is something in-between <ldapName> and adm-CustomAttributeBoolean1. It is not a character, but something that seems like a random sequence of bytes that our text editor cannot recognize. In the editor, this looks as follows:


This often happens when you copy text from somewhere, especially from a web browser.

There is no such an issue for adm-CustomAttributeText1, that's why the text attribute works, but the boolean doesn't. Just remove the whole line that reads <ldapName>‚Äčadm-CustomAttributeBoolean1</ldapName> and try typing it in manually. This should resolve the issue.


Great, I've done that and it now works just fine. Obviously managed to corrupt it somehow.

Thanks for the fix.

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