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When we copy a user to create a new user within Adaxes. The new user is not able to outlook client. The error message is "The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action." If you create the user as a new user, Outlook 2013 client works fine. Adaxes uses the "after user creation" business rule to create the exchange accounts in both situations.

What might be causing this issue?

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To help us troubleshoot the issue, could you send the following to our support e-mail (support[at]adaxes.com):

  1. A screenshot of your Business Rule that creates Exchange accounts.
  2. One of your users whom you created as a new user exported as a LDIF file. For information on how to export users to LDIF files, see Exporting Directory Objects.
  3. One of your users whom you created by copying another user, also as a LDIF file.

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