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I'd like to allow users to remove themselves from groups that they are already members of. Currently I have a business rule in place thats only allowing the OU Owners to remove users from the groups within their OU but I'd like to extend this to allow the users themselves to remove themselves from groups too.


Is there a condition I could add to this business rule that would accomplish this? Something like -

'If inititating user is a member of the adm-groupname' then allow then to remove themselves.

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To allow users to remove themselves from groups, you need to add the If the initiator is not %member% condition to your Business Rule and join it with the existing condition using the AND operator. The Business Rule itself should look like this: image.pngWhen the Business Rule triggers, the %member% value reference will resolve into the DN of the user who is being removed from the group.

Also, users need to have the rights to modify the Member property of group objects to be able to remove themselves from groups.

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