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Add managers with specific direct reports to a group

March 18, 2021 Views: 1422

The script updates the list of members of the target group with managers that currently have direct reports whose property is set to a specific value. To execute the script, create a custom command, scheduled task or business rule configured for the Group object type. The script always fully rewrites membership of the group.


  • $propertyName - Specifies the LDAP name of the property that will be checked in accounts of direct reports.
  • $propertyValueToSearch - Specifies the value the $propertyName property should be set to for the account manager to be added to the group.
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$propertyName = "employeeType" # TODO: modify me
$propertyValueToSearch = "Type" # TODO: modify me

$searcher = New-Object Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.Search.DirectorySearcher $NULL, $False
$searcher.SearchParameters.Filter = "(&(sAMAccountType=805306368)(manager=*)($propertyName=$propertyValueToSearch))"
$searcher.VirtualRoot = $True
$searcher.SearchParameters.SearchScope = "ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE"
$searcher.SearchParameters.ReferralChasing = "ADS_CHASE_REFERRALS_NEVER"
$searcher.SearchParameters.PageSize = 500

    # Execute search
    $searchResultIterator = $searcher.ExecuteSearch()
    $searchResults = $searchResultIterator.FetchAll()
    $managerDNs = New-Object "System.Collections.Generic.HashSet[System.String]"
    $searchResults | %%{ [void]$managerDNs.Add($_.Properties["manager"].Value)}
    # Update group
    $Context.TargetObject.Put("member", @($managerDNs))
    # Release resources
	if ($searchResultIterator) { $searchResultIterator.Dispose() }
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