Active Directory management & automation

Web Interface Customization

The Active Directory Web Interface provided by Adaxes can be used to handle different tasks related to Active Directory administration, user account management, audit, and self-service. To ensure that users have access only to the functionality they need to perform their job tasks, Adaxes enables you to customize the Web Interface to meet the specific requirements of various job roles in your organization. For example, you may want Help Desk operators to use simplified forms for user creation and modification, perform only a specific set of operations on Active Directory objects, and be able to view only specific objects in AD. At the same time, administrators need to perform a complete set of activities related to Active Directory management, administration, and maintenance via the Web Interface.

To simplify and streamline the configuration process, Adaxes enables you to install three different Web Interfaces for different roles - Administrators, Help Desk, and Self-Service.
By default, each Web Interface type allows users to handle tasks that are typically assigned to their job role in the company:

  • Web Interface for Administrators
    Allows Active Directory administrators to perform practically any operation in Active Directory.
  • Web Interface for Help Desk
    Allows Help Desk operators to handle tasks related to user account management, like password reset, unlock/enable/disable user accounts, modify general properties of AD objects, etc.
  • Web Interface for Self-Service
    Allows regular users to accomplish self-service tasks without assistance from administrators or Help Desk staff. Users can update their personal information, change passwords, perform basic searches in AD, etc.

Using the Web Interface Customization tool you can configure the Web Interface separately for each role via a user-friendly graphical interface. For more details, see Active Directory Web Interface Customization.

These tutorials show step-by-step techniques for accomplishing the most frequently performed tasks related to configuration of the Adaxes Web Interface.

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