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Adaxes for Healthcare

Softerra Adaxes can suit in any educational IT environment and make it much more efficient by providing provisioning automation, role-based delegation, Active Directory web interface, self-service capabilities and more

Similarly to the enterprise market, a large portion of IT departments in the healthcare industry rely on Active Directory as a basis for their environments. It is a very powerful platform that has proven its liability over many years. AD has hidden potential that goes beyond the reach of the native tools.

There is a way to unleash the full power of Active Directory — Adaxes. It allows you to eliminate human errors, increase security levels, streamline workflows, reduce waiting times and much more. Let’s have a closer look at how this can be accomplished.

Access Control

Healthcare institutions deal with extremely sensitive information protected by HIPAA: financial documents, human resources, patient information, etc. Controlling access to such critical information is extremely important.

Governing access permissions can be tough. Native AD tools can’t always live up to the challenge, especially in large environments. But with Adaxes things can be much easier as it utilizes Role-Based Access Control model (RBAC).

With Adaxes you can delegate access rights based on actual job titles and administrative scopes of the users. This makes it easier to assign and revoke permissions as well as to monitor who has access to what resources in AD. As a result, you can be sure that at any moment of time everybody will have the exact amount of permissions that they need. No more, no less.


Roles can also be changed dynamically depending on specific properties in AD. For example, if a member of staff changes department from Surgery to Physiotherapy, all that needs to be done is to change the Department attribute in AD. Roles, and therefore permissions and access rights, will be changed instantly by Adaxes, with no interactions from the IT staff.

Eliminating Human Errors

Dealing with security sensitive data means that it is vital to reduce all possible human errors. Maximizing control levels, reducing unwanted mistakes, ensuring data integrity across the environment and therefore eliminating negative consequences that can potentially be quite severe — all that can be done with Adaxes using a number of ways.

  • Adaxes allows to impose restrictions on any data input to ensure no incorrect information would be present in AD. Auto-generation patterns, custom scripts for user input verification, formatting constraints for object creation and modification, etc. protect your environment and prevent any typos and other unwanted accidental mistakes from crawling into your data.
  • To ensure that all everyday routine actions are taken at the right time and in the correct order Adaxes provides condition-based automation rules that can perform many AD tasks in one go. For example, all provisioning procedures, such as account creation, moving it to correct OU, managing group membership, mailbox and home folder creation, etc. can be executed automatically by Adaxes. This means that all these actions happen instantly, so there’s no chance for things to go wrong.
  • To absolutely seal the control and add an extra level of confidence Adaxes allows you to add approval steps to the most sensitive operations. It is as simple as it sounds but yet extremely efficient. If an operation that needs approval is launched, it will be suspended until a permission is granted by one of the predefined authorities from a higher level staff.

Reducing Time Wastage

Timing is everything in healthcare and its IT shouldn’t get in the way. This means that if there is any IT-related action required, it should be accomplished fast and in a convenient way.

With Adaxes Web Interface users can be given all the actions they need to have access to via any computer with a web browser installed. It’s that simple. Everybody can do what they need anytime, anywhere from any device. E.g. if a user needs to be added to a distribution list, it can be done as a self-service task, so there is no need in IT staff getting involved.

Your users don’t even have to know that Active Directory exists (which they probably don’t anyway). Customization capabilities of Adaxes Web UI enable you to just give them a web form with all the tasks that are specific for the particular user. No complications, everything is really simple. For extra convenience multi-step tasks can be combined into straightforward one-click actions.


One of the most frequent problems is users forgetting passwords and getting their accounts locked. If that happens, no time needs to be wasted to call up the IT department. Adaxes Self-Password Reset allows your users to do that by themselves either by answering security questions and/or verifying their identity with a code sent by SMS. This can literally save hours of time every day.


Adaxes can help your environment be a safer and a more reliable place, which is crucial in the healthcare industry. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small clinic or a huge hospital. By automating workflows, providing a Role-Based Access Control model to increase security levels, simplifying administration with the help of Active Directory Web UI, reducing waiting times and eliminating human errors, etc. Adaxes can make everything in your IT department run as smooth as possible.

This allows IT-related problems to step out of the way to let everybody in your healthcare organization focus on the main thing — saving lives.

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