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I think this started happening back in August when we updated to the current version ( We are not sure though because this only affects the web page externally. Internally, everything is fine. We use Azure Application Proxy to allow access externally. Unless we do a ctrl+f5 to fully refresh the page, we will get this error. I have even seen it through a few other errors. I can understand if this is a "not adaxes fault" answer but we know this worked before and now is not working and reaching to try and figure this out. We would prefer not to allow access through a firewall for this.

Screenshot of the error: image.png

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Hello Mark,

It looks like the issue is caused by the Azure Application Proxy. Most probably, it does not have client affinity configured which randomly leads to the error you are facing.


Thank you! That fixed it. We made a change on the load balancer to terminate ssl on the web servers and client affinity was not put back in place. Appreciate the support as always!

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