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I followed these instructions but still don't see the edit button unless I log in with my full adaxes administrator account.


I granted the permission "Write Rule-Based Membership" to the Group Manager built in security role.

What am I missing?

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Hello Mark,

If you can see the Edit button when you log in with the administrator account, it means that there is an issue with the security role assigned to the user that doesn’t see the button. By default, the Group Manager security role is applied to the Owner (ManagedBy) well-known security principal and is assigned over All Objects. This means that the permissions granted by this role apply to the user who is specified in the managedBy attribute of each group.

Make sure that the user that you are logged in with is specified in the managedBy attribute of the group you are trying to edit. Should the issue persist, please, post the screenshot of the security role here or send it to support@adaxes.com. Make sure that the screenshot includes the assignments of the role.


Group that I am trying to change to rule-based with my non-admin account as the manager: image.png

No edit button in self service interface: image.png

Web Interface configured: image.png

Security Role: image.png


Hello Mark,

The thing is, your group currently has the Assigned membership type. The Edit button will not be displayed as long as the group is of the Assigned type because the security role doesn’t grant the rights to change the membership type (the Write ‘Membership Type’ Property permission is missing).

With your current security role, trustees are able to change the membership rules of a group only if it is already Rule-based. You can either add the above permission to the security role to allow trustees of the role to change the membership type, or change the membership type to Rule-based using another account that has sufficient permissions.


That did it. Thank you!

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