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I created a group Business Rule that triggers "After adding or removing a member from a group". On its Activity Scope I added a test group, and set it for "The group object" and "Members of the group" but not "Direct members only". This resulted in two entries in the list, one for the group object and one for its members.

The BL triggers when:

  • users are added or removed
  • groups are added or removed
  • the membership of sub-groups changes

The one exception is if I just delete a group that is currently a member (rather than simply remove it as a member), in this case the BR does not trigger.

What should I do to make the BR detect this (admittedly rare) case?

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Hello Alex,

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to make a business rule triggering After adding or removing a member from a group to fire when a member is just deleted. This behaviour is by design. As an option, you can try using a business rule triggering After deleting a group with the corresponding conditions.


Thank you for confirming that. I was worried that I was missing something, so it's helpful to understand that this behavior is by design. But I think I'd better use "Before deleting a group", because in the "After" the group will no longer be a member of anything!

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