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is there possibility to catch the "Domain NetbiosName" of a User object? We'd like to use this for a Password Reminder eMail to the Account Owner.

Subject on "Send e-mail notification" action should look like: "Your password on %Domain NetbiosName%\%username% will expire in %adm-PasswordExpiresDaysLeft% day(s)

We found an attribute for DomainDistinguishedName (adm-DomainDN), only

Best regards Michael

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Hello Michael,

Yes, it is possible using a PowerShell script to send the email notification. Please, find the script below. In the script:

  • $subjectTemplate - Specifies a template for the email notification subject. In the template, the {0} placeholder will be replaced with the domain name of the account.
  • $message - Specifies the email notification message.
$subjectTemplate = @"
Your password on {0}\%username% will expire in %adm-PasswordExpiresDaysLeft% day(s)
"@ # TODO: modify me
$message = "Your account password expires in %adm-PasswordExpiresDaysLeft% day(s)" # TODO: modify me

# Get domain name
$domain = $Context.BindToObjectByDN("%adm-DomainDN%")
$domainName = $domain.Get("name")

# Build subject
$subject = [System.String]::Format($subjectTemplate, @($domainName))

# Send mail
$Context.SendMail("%mail%", $subject, $message, $NULL)

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