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I have updated adaxes from version 2021.1 to 2021.1 update 3. After that, my favorite links to the report "Password expiration" in Adaxes Administration Console stopped working.

I recreated the link in favorites, then it works again. The difference seems to be the port number:

Old link Adaxes://adaxesserver.domain.com:9459/CN=Users,CN=Reports,CN=Reports Root,CN=Configuration Objects,CN=Adaxes Configuration,CN=Adaxes

New link Adaxes://adaxesserver.domain.com:4829/CN=Users,CN=Reports,CN=Reports Root,CN=Configuration Objects,CN=Adaxes Configuration,CN=Adaxes

Can this problem be prevented so that the links do not have to be recreated after an upgrade?

Thanks and greetings Dominik

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Hello Dominik,

You are right. The thing is that paths to favorites include the service backend port. When you re-install Adaxes the port can change which is expected and that is the reason why old links do not work. Unfortunately, there is currently no possibility to prevent this. However, thank you for pointing out the behavior, it is much appreciated. We passed the details to the corresponding department for consideration.

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