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hello -

I am trying to obtain a report of all our lets say HF users. I can determine this based on a HF groups, which there are multiple of. Basically, if a user is apart of the HF* group, then they have access to the HF application.
Reports in the console for this particular request isn't available or rather doesn't give me what I want.
Not able to find anything in the scripts repository either.

Perhaps a script that outputs the info should work- I'd like to find all user accounts that are enabled that are a member of all HF* group, and display their Account ID, Firstname, Lastname, Email address and Canonical name.

Can someone help with this?


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Try the following script from the repository: http://www.adaxes.com/script-repository ... s-s199.htm. In the script, use HF* for $groupNameTemplate.

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