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We would like to use the "Rule Based Groups" functionality that Adaxes has to create distribution groups where we have one group per manager and the members are the user objects that has this manager.

The problem occurs when a manager gets moved to a different Organizational Unit, where this link seems to break as the LDAP filter is built on the distinguished name of the manager.

Is there any way of doing this another way so that the link doesn't break when changes happend to the managers AD object?

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Unfortunately, there is currently no possibility to make the membership rule work dynamically taking into account moves of managers. However, thank you for the suggestion. We will forward it to the corresponding department for consideration.

As of now, you can try using the following approach:

  1. Store the group in a DN syntax property (e.g. Assistant) of the corresponding manager.
  2. Use a business rule triggering After moving a user that will update membership rules of the corresponding groups when the related manager is moved. The rule will look like the following: image.png

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