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Good Afternoon,

I have been looking through the forums and I might have missed it, but here's what I'm looking to do.

I have 3 groups in my AD environment with Top, Middle and Bottom and want to find specfic users that belong to each group. If the User is in one of the groups, is it possible to show it on the Web interface in section Users?. For example -

Group 1( Top) Group 2(Middle) Group 3(Bottom)

What I want it to do is return a list of the user who belong to those 2 groups (Middle and Bottom).So if the User belongs to any of the 2 Groups it should show the Group 1(Top) that the user in one of the Groups For example -

Group 1(Top): User D, Group 2 (Middle)

Group 2 (Middle): User A, C

Group 3 (Bottom): User B -Usser D

IF user A is selected, it should be displayed: Group 1 as result

Is there a way to show it on the Web interface or create a report like this?

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Do we understand correctly that you want to see all groups the selected user is a member of including nested groups? If that is correct, you can use the Users' membership in groups built-in report with the Show indirect membership option enabled. By default, the report is located in container Reports\All Reports\Groups\Membership.

If that is not what you need, please, provide us with a live example of the desired resulting report. You can post a screenshot here or send it to support@adaxes.com.

Users' membership in groups Modifiy

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