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Hello all,

The company I work with has recently decided to change their O365 assignment methods - from direct Attribution, to group (inherited) assignments.

Since then, the users' form do not show their licenses anymore : image.png

Below, the same user's view from Azure AD: image.png

Note that most of our MSOnline accounts were initialy created, and licenses were attributed from Adaxes Business Rules.

Has anyone encountered the same situation, and does anyone has a solution to share ?


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For troubleshooting purposes, please, specify the following:

  • Your Adaxes service version. For information on how to check it, have a look at the following help article: https://www.adaxes.com/help/CheckServiceVersion.

  • Has the Azure AD Connect utility synchronized the changes after the user was added to the group whose members get Microsoft 365 licenses?

  • Can you see the assigned licenses when signed in to the Web interface using the credentials of the Adaxes service account (specified during Adaxes installation)?

  • Is the assigned license enabled in the configuration of the Microsoft 365 tenant managed in Adaxes? To check that:

    1. Launch Adaxes Administration console.
    2. In the Console Tree, expand your service node.
    3. Navigate to Configuration/Cloud Services and select Microsoft 365. image.png
    4. In the Result Pane on the right, select the Microsoft 365 tenant.
    5. Click Edit. image.png
    6. On the Tenant Details tab, check whether the assigned license is selected in the Microsoft 365 plans section. image.png


Enabling the licenses in the "Configuration/Cloud Services" fixed the issue.

Thanks for your help !

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