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I would like to set the Hire Date of a user to the CustomAttributeDate2. Using your script to create users from a csv file. I have tried "Hire Date" = "%CustomAttributeDate2%" and this fails. image.png image.png

So obviously, these customColumnNames can only be put in Active Directory. Is there a way for me to get that data into the customAttribute in adaxes? Add something to the script.

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As far as we understand you are referring to the following script in our repository: https://www.adaxes.com/script-repository/import-new-and-updated-users-from-csv-file-s246.htm. If so, yes, it is possible to import values to Adaxes custom attributes. To do so, you need to map the name of the required column to the LDAP name of the custom attribute (e.g. adm-CustomAttributeDate2) in the $customColumnsNames variable. In your case the issue occurs because you specified the value reference to the custom attribute, but not the attribute LDAP name. The mapping should look like this:

"HireDate" = "adm-CustomAttributeDate2";

I see, thanks for the info. This is working properly now.

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