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we would like to combine different OUs into business units for differnt local helpdesk teams.

We started to add OUs with this logic for Business Units image.png

This give us a nice view under BU with same structure as in AD.

However, helpdesk has only access to root of each OU, not a single object in sub OUs.

So I was tryting to add this specific OUs with subtress - but no option found.

Then I changed logic of BU to this: image.png

Now helpdesk has access to all objects, but the structure of BU is looking messy as every item is shown at once and not structered anymore.

Any solution here?

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Do we understand correctly that you want to use a business unit to view AD structure in Adaxes Web interface? If that is correct, unfortunately, there is no such possibility. If this is not what you need, please, describe the desired behaviour in all the possible details with live examples.


Let me try to explain it a little bit more

This is how our BU is looking in GUI for first screen above image.png

Which give us possibily to browse OU like in ADUC image.png

I noticed, after clicking on first OU from BU view, it jumps into AD structure and opens OU there.

This how BU is looking in GUI for second screen above image.png

All objects are shown directly as we include them all and not only OUs

Ideal would be: Create BU 1 like screen 1 to view/browse Create BU 2 like screen 2 to grant access

Is this possible? Can we hide specific BUs from Webinterface?



Ideal would be: Create BU 1 like screen 1 to view/browse Create BU 2 like screen 2 to grant access Is this possible?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

Can we hide specific BUs from Webinterface?

You can create a content pane with only specific business units in it. The pane will be displayed on the home page. For details, have a look at the Content panes section of the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/help/CustomizeTheHomePage/#content-panes.



we were able to solve the issue

We created two Business Units for one local team

BU 1 includes all children of OUs - for permissions

BU 2 includes specifically all OUs - for GUI

Then we created a blind role to hide BU 1 specific image.png

Result: Users can browse BU 2 with all correct listed sub OUs and can access them and modify users based on BU 1 permissions

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