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I have already made several attempts but do not manage. I want to create a report where I can select a user and then all the groups that start with XY are displayed. I have also tried with the report "Users' membership in groups" to display all groups of a user, but this does not work either, even if I reset the report. So how can I create such a report where I only have to select the user and then run the report and it will show me all groups that start with XY.

Thanks a lot

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For us to help you with a solution, please, specify the following:

  1. What exactly do you mean by groups that start with XY? Is it that the report should only include the groups whose names start with XY?
  2. How exactly should XY be specified? Do you want it to be predefined in the script or selected by the user generating the report?
  3. Do you need to take into account only direct membership or also membership in nested groups?

Any additional details will be much appreciated.



  1. report should only include groups whose names start with xy
  2. XY is predefined in the script
  3. also in nested groups

thanks a lot

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Thank you for the provided details. To achieve the desired, you need to create a report with a Directory object picker parameter. The report will execute the below script. The parameter will be used to select the user to output groups for. The report does not need a scope. For details on creating reports, see https://www.adaxes.com/help/CreateReport. In the script:

  • $searchValue - Specifies the value group names should start with to be included into the report.
  • $userParameterName - Specifies the name of the parameter used to select the user to generate the report for. The parameter name should include the param- prefix.
$searchValue = "XY" # TODO: modify me
$userParameterName = "param-User" # TODO: modify me

# Get user group membership
$userDN = $Context.GetParameterValue($userParameterName)
$user = $Context.BindToObjectByDN($userDN)
$groupGuidsBytes = $user.GetEx("adm-MemberOfGuid")

# Search parameters
$searcher = $Context.CreateGuidBasedSearcher($groupGuidsBytes)
$searcher.Criteria = New-AdmCriteria "group" -Expression {name -startsWith $searchValue}

# Generate report

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