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Most of my PowerShell code is written in VS Code and then copied/pasted to the Adaxes script editor. However, if you use $Context in your scripts, you can't execute them from VS Code (or ISE, Terminal, etc.).

I was recently working on a script that used the Adaxes PowerShell module and I was only using $Context for logging. I realized that I could emulate $Context.LogMessage() and $Context.LogExcecption() easily, and debug right in VS Code. Obviously, this won't work if you're using more advanced features of $Context, but for basic logging it works great.

PS...I had made an enhancement request a while back for an Adaxes plugin for VS Code. Please upvote that post! https://www.adaxes.com/questions/13285/add-visual-studio-code-support


# define the message type to avoid any typos when calling LogMessage()
enum MessageType {
    Information = 0
    Warning = 1
    Error = 2

class Context {    
    [string]LogMessage ([string]$message, [MessageType]$type) {        
        return "[$type] $message"
    [string]LogException ([string]$message) {
        return "[Error] $message"

$Context = [Context]::new()
$Context.LogMessage("foo", "information")


[Information] foo
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Thank you for sharing the approach. We also added a +1 on your behalf to the suggestion.


Really nice and helpful. Saves me now a lot of time in future :D

I always did a find/replace of this command with Write-Output ...

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