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How can I add a proxy address to a user account using addaxes and a custom command or business rule? I have tried to use a powershell script to do it but since the active directory module uses a later version of PowerShell the script fails within addaxes. I did look at using set-admuser but it didn't look like it would work either? Below is the script I was using.

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$User = "%SamAccountname%"
get-aduser $user | set-aduser -add @{ProxyAddress=sip:"%userPrincipalName%"}


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Ok, I was over thinking this a bit. instead of using a script I just updated the account by using modify the account and using the "email proxy address". I was looking for proxy address like it is in AD and didn't realize that addaxes added email to it.


Thats the only solution to this issue?

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That's the recommended one. It is the fastest and the safest approach. We recommend using scripts only when modifications are not possible or very hard to achieve with the help of built-in actions. For example, if there was complicated logic behind selecting which proxy address to add, then it would be more efficient to use scripts. Here's an example of a case when you won't do without scripts: Generate unique primary SMTP address.

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