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Hello, we are in a migration phase from Exchange onPrem to Exchange Online. Since not all of our sites will be migrated at one time we are looking into a way to migrate new users from sites which already have been migrated directly at the onboarding workflow. For this goal we created a step in the business rules which looks at the department number.

  1. if it is set to a number already migrated,
    1. Do an AD Connect sync
    2. a Microsoft 365 license will be applied (group-based)
    3. a script runs with which migrates the mailbox to exchange online
      1. $Context.TargetObject.CreateMoveMailboxToM365Request($remoteServer, $targetDeliveryDomain, $badItemLimit, $largeItemLimit)

However we lack the response if the migration has been successfull or if there have been any errors. is it possible to set an alerting / sending out a mail if the batch is not succesful?

Thanks and KR Christian

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Hello Christian,

The script you are executing does not provide any output as it only initiates the move. That is just the way Exchange mailbox moves work. You can use the following script from our repository to check mailbox move status: https://www.adaxes.com/script-repository/get-mailbox-move-status-in-exchange-online-s482.htm.


Thanks for your reply! Ok, I thought it would execute a New-MigrationBatch in the background. with this a parameter for notifying could be set.

I'll check the provided Script to see if we could get an alerting there. Have to play around with the different staus messages. Thanks and KR Christian

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