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Our Office 365 licenses are in a couple different SKU's E3, and E4 licenses. The E4 is an older set of licenses, and we purchased more and was assigned E3's. There are essentialy the same. However it causes me to have to manage the licenses. Is there a way to assign a license based on availablity?

So for example this is what I'm assigning now:

BUT, if the E3 licenses are all used, I'd like it to try to Assign the E4 instead.

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Yes, there is. You need to use a script for this purpose. We've added a sample script that does the job to our Script Repository: Assign Office 365 license based on availability.

If you are assigning licenses automatically, for example, using a Business Rule, replace the Activate or Modify Office 365 account with the Run a program or PowerShell script action that runs the script from the repository.

If you want to assign the licenses manually, you can create a Custom Command that runs a script for this purpose.


Great! Works perfect, thanks!

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