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We encounter an error on one of our Adaxes service (Adaxes 2016 3.7.13430) when activating Licence for new user :

Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.CommandProcessingException: The following command threw an exception while being executed: Activate an Office 365 account for 'STORE Smanager (**.**.net\*****\****\****\Users)': set Location to 'AU', enable Office 365 Enterprise E1. ---> Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.DirectoryComException (0x80072035): Failed to create an Office 365 account. There was no endpoint listening at https://provisioningapi-s1-am3a.microso ... 2944540485 that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.
at #8.#Ib.#c6(AdmO365AccountProperties accountProperties, #ab propertyAccessor, Boolean& areLicensesSaved)
at #8.#Ib.#65(AdmO365AccountProperties accountProperties, #ab propertyAccessor, Boolean& areLicensesSaved)
at #8.#Mb.WriteProperties(WritePropertiesContext context, AdmSerializablePropertyList propertyList)
at #8.#Mb.WriteProperties(WritePropertiesContext context)
at Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmObject.ModifyObject(WritePropertiesContext writePropertiesContext)
at Softerra.Adaxes.Adsi.AdmObject.SetInfoEx(Object props)
at Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.Actions.SetPropertiesAction.ExecuteAction(IAdmTop targetObject, AdmPropertyList propertyListCopy)
at Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.Actions.ActionBase.Execute(IAdmTop targetObjectArg)
at Softerra.Adaxes.CommandPipeline.Actions.ActionBase.Execute(ICommand command)
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

Any idea ?

Thank you in advance for your help


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