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I was wondering if it is possible to add the enrolment status of a user to the web interface? This is so that the helpdesk analysts can see at a glance the current status of the user when resetting a password and direct them to the self service portal if they are already enrolled.

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Hello Danny,

For now, there is no such a possibility out o the box, however you can configure something like this. You can use a certain property of the user account that shows a user's enrollment status. For example, you can use a boolean property, and True means that the account is enrolled. You can also give the property your own name and display it as a checkbox on the Web Interface, so it looks something like this:

If you are OK with such a workaround, we will provide you detailed instructions on how to achieve it.

In the next major version, Adaxes 2017.2, there will be built-in functionality to display the enrollment status in a convenient way.


Hi, thanks for the response. If there is functionality coming in the next version then we will wait for that instead of implementing a workaround.

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